Lithium mining consultant in Western Australia

Lithium mining consultant in Western AustralianIntegrated Geological Mining Services are Lithium mining consultants providing integrated geological, engineering and QHSE services to the Lithium resource sector. IGMS are located in Perth, Western Australia.

Integrated Geological Mining Services work with an established network of industry leaders in Lithium mining to assist you all aspects of explorative Lithium mining operations that will take your project from discovery to delivery.

Integrated Geological Mining Services are a passionate, tight knit and innovative consultancy with big capabilities. This culture ensures our client’s safely maximise the value and returns of their Lithium mining assets.

As well as Lithium exploration & mining, Integrated Geological Mining Services also consult in mining projects associated with Bauxite-Alumina, Base metal, Copper, Diamond, Gold, Iron ore, Lead, Mineral sands, Nickel, Zinc, Cobalt, Silica, Oil shale, Silver, Uranium, Opal, Rare-earth elements, Black Coal, Brown Coal, Graphite, Manganese, Magnesite, Molybdenum, Niobium, Phosphate, Potash, Tantalum, Thorium, Tin, Tungsten, Vanadium and more.